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Android FAQs

Install Issues:
It says, “This app will be downloaded shortly” when I try to install Citrix Mobile Connect but nothing happens and it never downloads.
Open your Google Play (or Google Store) app and search for Citrix Mobile Connect.  Select it and install it.

What is the server name?
If during enrollment, after you enter your NetID, you are prompted to enter the MDM server name, press the back button on your phone and re-enter your NetID in the format of

I wasn’t prompted to enter a Pattern, PIN, or Password or I was prompted to create one but the screen disappeared before I could create one.
On your phone, open Settings, then select Security, and finally Screen lock (this may be called something different or located in a different section of your Settings menu).  Then select Pattern, PIN, or Password.     

Where is my email?
Your email will now be located in the Touchdown application.  Find it in your list of Applications, press and hold the icon and drag it to whichever screen is convenient for you.

How can I make the sound notifications from Touchdown stop?
If you want to turn off notification sounds from Touchdown, open the Touchdown app and go to Settings then select Advanced. Scroll down and press the Email Alerts button.  Select Customize Settings, check Enable Lights, press Configure Lights and then select the color of the small flashing light that will notify you of a new email message.  Or select any of the notification methods you prefer.


When I install MDM I get a message that says: “This program allows the administrator to collect personal data, add/remove accounts and restrict access, install and manage apps and remotely erase data on the IPhone.”
This is a generic Apple message that shows up for any MDM install and is being changed in iOS 7.
Have them log into to mdm portal at and they can see exactly what we can see.

Why does MDM need to see what apps and passcodes I have?

Administrators can not view what your passcode is.  The MDM program is only used to prove that you have a passcode installed on your device, and that your email is encrypted.

Regarding apps - We really don't care what apps you have on your phone.  All MDM vendors have that as an option in order to block malicious apps.  We are actually in the process of having the ability to see what apps are on a device removed for all admins.

Also, we are also testing the ability to push out MUSC Apps to devices and we have left it on for a couple of us for trouble shooting purposes.  

I’m not getting my email

Go to Settings>Mail, contacts, calendar> Find the Exchange Account and select your account.  In the password field enter your MUSC email account password.  Wait a few minutes and your emails should start to come in.
My phone has reduced battery life since installing MDM

For Android, you need to turn off the notifications for each email.  Instructions for this are on the Android FAQ under How can I make the sound notifications from Touchdown stop?


I was told I had to upgrade my droid because it was too old to handle MDM?

If you do not want to upgrade your droid there is another option.  You can sign up for 2Factor and simply access your email through the web at  When you do this, change to the app-based authentication.  Then, as long as your phone is connected to wi-fi or has carrier data access, you would be prompted by the app when you log in and not have to receive a voice call.

Removing MDM & Touchdown

**By removing MDM you will no longer be able to check your MUSC email from your phone/tablet.

1. Open your phone’s Settings, select Security (may be called Location and Security), and select Device Administrators
2. Select Worx Home and press Deactivate.  Press OK if prompted.
3. Press the back button (located at the bottom of your phone) until you get back to the main Settings menu.
4. Select Apps (may be called Applications) then select Worx Home.
5. Press Uninstall.
6. Press the back button to go back to the list of applications and select     Touchdown.
7. Press Uninstall.

Remove Passcode
1. Open Settings on your phone and select Security (may be called Location and Security).
2.  Select Screen Lock (may be called Lock Screen) and enter your passcode if prompted.
3. Select None.



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