Volume 4, Spring 2000
Table of Contents


Brood of Anhungus, Elizabeth Bear
Sculpture in Black, Elizabeth Bear
A Moment of Regret, Eric Sribnick
Castles, Ashley Marie Vincent
A Cautionary Tale, Kathi Struthers
Bedtime and Nana and Pop's House, Stan Schuman
Untitled, Bonnie Dorazio
Firethrower, Andrea Roberts
A November Walk, Eric Sribnick
Sea-Isle Morning, Stan Schuman
Ozark Nurse, Stan Schuman
Genesis of Cancer, Mary Platt
Jane, Jay Thompson
The Bat Cave, Bayne Shelby
Himalayan Daydream, Anonymous
A World of Woodhaven, Andrea Roberts
If Not For You, Robert Smith
A Work In Progress, Bessie Simmons
So Black, So White, Val Evans-Kreil
Morris Island Lighthouse, Melissa Fraser
Untitled, Jan Woraratanadharm

      Cover: Untitled, Lena Hueng