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File:Example.jpg File:Image.jpg Everyone be sure to attend the first Wired Wednesday Workshop! If you can't make it, then be sure to check back here for a Tegrity recording of the workshop. Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled for forthcoming workshops covering such topics as "Presentation Zen" and "Adobe Connect." Hope to see you there. Image:Slide2.jpg Image:slide1.jpg

Check Out the New Third Floor Study Spaces in the Learning Commons

  • July 27, 2010
1. The Sawyer collection has been moved from the third floor into RMS. This area will now be used as individual and group study areas for students.
2. The Learning Commons will be receiving all the study tables from the first floor area of the ECL Building in order to update the Computer Lab area of the fourth floor.
3. Continue to follow the planning of EduPalooza. The big day will be Wednesday, September 15 from 11am to 2pm in the Horseshoe and the Portico and Lobby of the ECL Building.
  • July 13, 2010
1. The URL for the Learning Commons web site has been sent out to the entire Library Staff for review. Afterwards a link to the Learning Commons web site will live under the Library section of the main MUSC home page, as well as a link off the Library's web page.
2. The Sawyer Collection shelves will be dismantled on Monday, July 19.
3. The Learning Commons is beginning planning of the re-design of the Lobby of the main entrance of the Library. The Director of the Learning Commons, Mary Mauldin, has been in contact with the University paint shop and the University Design office concerning help with paint colors and sprucing up the second floor library entrance.
4. A possibility of a fifth computer classroom is in the works. It would be a flow over room, and hold up to twelve students.
5. Bids are being made concerning possible food vendors to develop a Food kiosk on in the Lobby of the ECL building.
6. Get ready... the date has been set for EduPalooza, a back to school event orientating students about resources and service the Library has to make their student life easier. The event will involve the entire ECL building, including the Center for Academic Excellence, and Doctoring Curriculum. The event will from 11 AM to 2 PM. We will have weekly updates concern the development of the event.
  • August 19, 2010
1. We discussed consolidating journals so that empty shelves would be ready for Columbia International University to pick up. This project was completed around noon on Wednesday, August 25th.
2. Candace is working on legal concerns pertaining to the mobile devices charging station. The laptop support services disclaimer was discussed as a possible model for the charging station disclaimer.
3. The Sawyer Collection move has been completed.
4. Bob is working on a “keep” list for weeding the 2nd floor book collection.
5. The issue concerning the College of Medicine’s need to reserve all 4 classrooms for testing on certain days during the semester has been resolved. Mary is working with IS on a need to have a classroom with SAS on all the computers available in November.
6. We have completed the first round of the journal weeding project. It was noted that, according to Pete Rock’s records, we have recycled 98 tons of journals.
7. Planning is underway for EduPalooza on September 15th, from
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.
8. During student orientation on Monday, August 23rd, pictures were taken and interviews were made and posted on the LC web site. The Learning Commons web site URL is www.musc.edu/thelc.
9. We discussed the LCTs providing training in Excel, and asking Tara and Lisa to meet with us in our planning so we don’t duplicate training. We also discussed asking one of them to join the Web 2.0 group.
10. We noted that the Tegrity upgrade would be at Thanksgiving. It was indicated that the sound drivers for Boot Camp must be installed properly in order to have sound during a Tegrity playback.
11. We discussed the LCTs providing individual Powerpoint training for two employees coming over from Harborview Tower. This training was provided on Wednesday, August 25th.
12. We learned that we would be able to have some accent wall painting done by the university paint shop. We will move some iMacs out of the 2nd floor lab while painting is done in a closed door study room on the 2nd floor.
13. Robbie indicated that Student Technology Support Services is offering support for iPads.
14. Ray Huff said his Clemson architecture students are ready to start working on plans for our Learning Commons this fall.
15. Mary is continuing to work with Procurement on the RFP process for our first floor canteen.
16. Our next LCT meeting is Tuesday, September 14th, at 2:00 PM.
  • October 12, 2010
1. Mary noted that Darlene Shaw will be attending the next presentation by the Clemson architecture students on Friday, Nov. 5th, at 2:00 PM. The final presentation by the Clemson architecture students will be on Monday, Dec. 6th, at 2:00 PM.
2. Mary noted that PASCAL would be moved from the Books tab to the Resources by Subject list on the Library’s web site in order to make it easier to find.
3. Nancy suggested that we might want to try something more visual on our Learning Commons bulletin board, instead of using all words.
4. Nancy noted that Susan Hoffius said the left over door from the Sawyer Collection would not fit in Archives. Nancy said we could temporarily store the left over door in shipping and receiving. Because this left over door has a glass window, Nancy hopes to use it to replace the door that opens directly from the library into the 2nd floor computer lab, if it will fit. If not, it will most likely be surplused.
5. Mr. Hartwell will do the accent painting.
6. Mary noted that we will soon have some of Tom Basler’s photos in poster form to put on the walls around the library.
7. We discussed Wired Wednesdays, our plan to serve free coffee and snacks to students on Wednesday afternoons. We decided to take some pictures of this service in use.
8. Nancy also asked us to take some pictures of the missing carpet patches on the third floor.
9. Mary noted that Dusti and Stan would be doing a Nov. 15th class on free productivity apps.
10. Mary reported that we are close to having the RFP out for our proposed canteen.
11. Mary said that Stan would be finished with CAMs next week, and would then have a little more time to work with us on Excel training.
12. Mary said that a new Learning Management System would soon be in use by the University, and the LCTs could help with training people to use it.
13. Josh mentioned that there are links on the OCIO-IS and NST web sites that would help people with tech problems, such as syncing email to their smartphones. Mary and Nancy asked us to put some of these links on our Learning Commons web site, and then notify Tyler Pierce and Carol Brown of the SGA, so they could get the word out to students. They also suggested announcing this information in a broadcast message.
14. We discussed Digital-E, and it was noted that we are still in the process of getting apps put on our new devices, the iPod touches and iPads. A decision was made to ask Candace to talk with Bob regarding maintenance of the Digital-E devices. Mary and Nancy said we needed written instructions on how to maintain each of the Digital-E devices.